ebidcafeThe Great Way to have Fun and Socialize!

ebidcafe is for Socializing at National Locations! You can go to the ebidcafe and meet like minded people More
ebidcafe is Great to Sell things Nationally! The auctions at ebidcafe are designed to be entertaining More
ebidcafe is easy to use Everywhere! You Just Download the app on your mobile phone! More
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ebidcafe is currently in Alpha Testing ...
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Many Inquiries have been about Where locally ebidcafe events are held?
And how to get exclusive rights, licensing and franchise packages for USA ebidcafe Zones.
We utilize the U.S. Nielsen 210 DMA Zone Criteria,
so those are the ebidcafe franchise locations that are available.
Use the form below to request one or more ebidcafe franchise areas, and we will email you the rate card
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