ebidcafeThe Great Way to have Fun and Socialize!

ebidcafe is great for socializing! You can go to the ebidcafe and meet like minded people More
ebidcafe is great for getting Cool things! The auctions at ebidcafe are designed to be entertaining More
ebidcafe is easy to use! You Just Download the app on your mobile phone! More
ebidcafe is great for promoting your business! Your Business can be promoted in an entertaining fun way More

ebidcafe is great for socializing...

Socializing is easy with an ebidcafe Auction party, just use your mobile phone to send out an invite, and then everyone gets together for a night of exciting entertainment

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ebidcafe is great for entertaining...

Everyone has fun at ebidcafe, compare videos, and comment on new things in the world, discuss the latest music, or movies, or make a party to promote your band or for your art opening, it's Easy and it's all fun!

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ebidcafe is great for connecting...

It's easy to start a party, just go to your ebidcafe mobile app, look at the available dates, pick a date, and send the invitations, when you get enough people, then book the ebidcafe event!

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My best time ever!

When is ebidcafe coming to my area?

How much does it cost to have an ebidcafe party?

When do I get paid from my party?

Who can see my ebidcafe item sales?

This thing is really Cool!

What is the blue monkey's name?

How much do you charge if I sell something?

How much advanced time do I need to make my Party?

Can anyone sell anything at ebidcafe?

Is there a place where I can learn about ebidcafe parties?

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How can I start an ebidcafe event?

Posted by alicia on March, 25 2013

Is there really a blue monkey?

Posted by alba on March, 28 2013

Can I work for ebidcafe, how do I apply?

Posted by Mark on April 13, 2013

When will I be able to go, in my home town?

Posted by Jeremy20 on April, 18 2013

What is ebidcafe? Looks Cool!

Posted by minka22 on April, 21 2013

Where are you located, and How can I join the team?

Posted by PeterT on April 24, 2013